Comic characters in movies
Remy Lebeau || X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)

i love you…

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Hey everyone! I would really like some help going down to California and bringing up my puppy dogs! 


Here is a picture of one of them! Unfortunately, we don’t have the funds to go get them! I know it’s a lot to ask, but anything helps! My girlfriend wrote this on our GoFuneMe page:

Over the summer, Gen moved in with me. But thanks to a series of events, we’ve been struggling just to scrape by ever since. I would love more than anything to take her back to California to be with her family for Christmas, but as it stands we can’t even afford a Christmas of our own! So your assistance will help me give her the best Christmas present ever! Not only getting to spend the holidays with her family, but to bring her beloved dogs back with her! This is our first Christmas together, and I want to make it a good one for her. We will be designing special holiday-themed thank you art to provide to our donors! If we go beyond our goal, we will be able to provide prints of it to everyone!

Here is a link for our donation drive for December, so I can go see my family also. 


If you are uncomfortable using GoFundMe, you can make donations via paypal! We will just use the site to track our progress.

[PayPal donation page here!]

there you go! if you guys are feeling a bit nervous about gofundme, there is our paypal! 

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"That’s some mighty photoshop work then."

"A little bit, yes. Also…I didn’t like the beard."

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